Ultrasound #3 Tomorrow

We’ll see what the Bubble is up to tomorrow. I’ve been nervous that the heartbeat the last time was a bit slow (even though I don’t actually know what the heartbeat was – just what husband thought he saw on the ultrasound screen). Not a super accurate way to determine what the heartbeat was but I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

If all is well – not sure if we’ll be all done with the RE or if we’re back for another ultrasound in 2 weeks for our final RE appointment.

We should get our first picture tomorrow…which should be pretty thrilling.

I’m starting to get used to the idea of this working out. I’m coming to terms with feeling sick all the time. I’m managing the worry a little better. So now I’m completely freaked that I’ve jinxed it and going to get bad news.

Please let me be wrong and let us head off into our 9th week without trouble. A no trouble bubble.



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3 responses to “Ultrasound #3 Tomorrow

  1. My 3rd appointment is tomorrow, too! However, I only had 2 post IVF appointments with the RE. I think that’s what my dr’s office does routinely. I’m not sure what your’s does.

    I’ll be 9w1d tomorrow and it will be my first appointment with our OB here in town. We were traveling 6 hours to our RE’s office for every appointment that they needed. Exhausting, if I do say so myself. Thankfully our OB is litterally 7 min from my house. A welcomed change.

    I am sure you’re appointment will go well and you’ll be posting good news here soon.

    Don’t worry, things will be fine.

  2. Good luck. I’m looking forward to the pics!

  3. sprogblogger

    Here’s to a no-trouble bubble. Thinking of you.

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