Can I Starve the Bubble?

I’m terrified that Bubble isn’t getting enough to eat. I’m still sick all day long. I try to eat when I can but can barely get through any meal before the sick takes over again. When I see how many servings of everything I’m supposed to be eating I can’t imagine how anyone in this state manages to get that much food in.

I try to eat some from every food group but I just can’t get all that it says I’m supposed to.

Doc day after tomorrow. Guess I’ll see on the ultrasound if all is well.

Any advice out there?



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5 responses to “Can I Starve the Bubble?

  1. Try not to worry! You can’t starve Bubble! Bubble will take from your reserves to get what he or she needs, even if you can’t eat. I had horrible m/s with my twins, and my doctor reassured me that so long as I was at least staying hydrated and holding down water, they would be fine. I was given a prescription for nausea meds and was told that it was up to me whether or not to fill it, but if I went more than 24 hours not even able to hold down water, then I HAD to take the meds. I came close, but I never made it to the entire 24 hours unable to hold down water. I’m sure that you’re okay, though I know that it will be more reassuring to hear that from your doctor! 🙂

  2. Sil

    Ditto on Kymberli. Of course, do what you can to follow guidelines. But Bubble is a greedy parasite, and will take what it needs — even before you get what you need.

  3. I agree with the others. The baby will take what he/she needs from you whether you like it or not. Bubble will, for sure, be fine.

  4. nishkanu

    One of my friends had horrible nausea for her entire pregnancy and could barely eat anything. Her baby was born at 8 months at full-term weight and health. Like everyone has said, Bubble will take what s/he needs ruthlessly. Morning sickness is (unfortunately) a normal part of pregnancy and Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she decided that many of us would puke our guts out for a couple of weeks/months. If that was bad for Bubble it would not be the usual pregnancy path.

    If you are in the 1st trimester and having trouble eating enough, you do not need to worry about food groups, just try to get as many calories as you can in. I am eating one food group, the “starch n sugar” food group. Take a prenatal and calcium supplements if you can. For the rest it will be unpleasant for YOU but Bubble is happy as a clam.

  5. CeCe Garrett

    Bubble will take from you… you may be hurling up your pinky toe but Bubble is growing and thriving on the reserves you have. Also? if no one told you this already? Take your prenatal vits at bedtime.. better absorption and wont make you want to spew as much. Good luck on the 3rd US!!

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