2 car family?

I’ve been thinking about whether or not we can get away with being a one car family in the future. I believe we’ll be able to maintain our current life once Bubble arrives with just one set of wheels.

Unless we win a new set – which would be SWEET! And, right now, we have a 1 in 10 chance of that happening.

I entered a contest to win a new Nissan as part of a promotion they’re doing here in Canada. And just found out today that I made it into the next round. There are 500 people who’ve been selected. Now I have to prove, on an online space provided by the contest, that I deserve to be one of the 50 people walking away with a new car.

It’s part of a big social marketing campaign in which they’ll give away the cars and then all the people who’ve won them will talk them up to their friends and social network. They need word of mouth advertising and who better to talk about the car than someone who’s proud to have won it on their ‘creative merit’?

I’m still planning what to put on my page, how to get votes and how to get my page to stand out against the competition. I also have to decide whether to play the ‘pregnant’ card.

Should I make it known that with a baby on the way we’ll be out and about – creating memories and hob-knobing with the babyrotti?

Or should I stay as married, no kids, jumping (ha, yeah right) social life, flitting here and there from sporting event to hot nightlife?

Not sure what to do. What I do know is I love contests and this one is going to be fun.

I also know that bringing a person into this world means social responsibility. And am I being responsible by adding another car to our carbon footprint? Even if I win it?

Much to ponder.



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4 responses to “2 car family?

  1. I say YAY for the chance to win a new car! Hopefully you’ll be selected. I’d play the “pregnant” card. It always works well, for me.

  2. Sil

    In the chaos of new babies, we lost the registration to my car. And we never found it — so it sat in our driveway unused for an entire year. 12 months untouched. Of course, part of that is that I rarely left the house, but I think you can do it, especially if you have public transportation options.

    On the other hand — free car. Cool.

  3. I think you should just be your wonderful charming self- and good luck and hope you win! You can always donate it (or your old one) if you feel it is *too much*, but you never know, it might be just right.

  4. Nic

    Def play the ‘pregnant’ card!! Hope you win!

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