Thr great Ice cream debacle

ok, so for those of you who don’t have ibs or lactose intolerance, I’m sorry to have to share this embarrassing story. I won’t be graphic…

Today I decided I would give Lact.aid a try. Now I have an extremely low tolerance for dairy but would really love to get more calcium through natural dairy sources like milk and milk products. Oh, and they just opened a fresh made ice cream shop in my neighbourhood.

I get the Lact.aid. I take one – order and eat the most delicious cup of ice cream I have ever had.

Then head home – (no one should try this experiment far from home) and wait to see if it worked. Normally I know I’ve accidentally ingested dairy about 30 min later.  So I wait. And I wait.

hmmm. no ill effects. It’s looking good. I’m planning a pizza dinner – with real cheese. I’m picturing digging into a grilled cheese sandwich. I can see nachos dancing before my eyes. And oh – look at the time. I have a physio appointment 4.5 hours after the ice cream experiment has been named a success all around.

So I hop in the car. Head off to the physio studio. Hmmm? Is that a little tummy gurgle?

Park the  car. Oh my. Is that a little cramp?

So I get into my appointment. And about 3 min in – just after I explain that it worked! We’re about 8 weeks along. Throwing up has made my back a little sore. Lots of morning sickness… then yikes! Must use loo.

musical interlude.

return to appointment. Ok – where were we?

Oh no – sorry…(blame it on the pregnancy) must go back to loo.

musical interlude.

return to appointment. (now mortified)

hmmm. maybe we’d better call it a day.

I’m just gonna go home…after, you know, a trip to the loo…

musical interlude

I am so glad she’s been my physio for a year because I have to say, if it was someone new I would never have been able to show my face there again.

So home I came. Erased dream of pizza party with natchos for an appetizer and grilled cheese for dessert. In all fairness, it did buy me more time – but apparently didn’t work.

I suppose I’ll try again with a slightly less offensive dairy product and perhaps a slightly larger dose.

Even with all the embarrassment and discomfort- I have to say that was the best damned ice cream I’ve ever had.

Yup. that’s my story for today.



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2 responses to “Thr great Ice cream debacle

  1. Nic

    I feel for you. I have IBS but still trying to figure out what sets me off. Dairy is a def yes and so is wheat. I feel your pain! Pleased the ice cream was good though!!

  2. Oh no! Not something you necessarity want to try, lol. I can totally relate, though. I have both IBS & L.I. and pretty much everything sets me off. so I really feel your pain.

    However, I was curious to know which ones you tried because the Lactaid pills that I tried, you’re supposed to take 3 with your first bite of dairy. I’m not sure if that’s why you had the ill effect or if yours is different then mine.

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