Ahoy there matey!

Permission to come ashore.

I feel like a bit of a jerk, but after describing my sea sickness to both my RE and OB, both suggested I take something for it. Because, both said, if it started this early, it’s going to get worse.

So after crawling back to bed today to try and steady the boat, I hauled off to the drugstore with my script. Well, I have to say to hell with toughing it out.

I felt a zillion times better this aft…until the first dose ran out. The next one is in me now and should be pulling me into a land-loving slumber very soon.

I’m looking forward to the glowing part.



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4 responses to “Ahoy there matey!

  1. What did they prescribe you? I’ve had horrible nausea and have barely been able to eat anything. My dr’s are pretty much saying to tough it out as of yet but if it gets BAD to let them know. Well it’s been BAD. I go for my first OB on 4/16 so maybe I can talk to her about it then.

  2. I tried something new on Friday. I ate something small, every hour, hungry or not(better, if not) and it really improved things. If I get hungry, I feel sick, and then it is too late.
    Also, there are acu-pressure bands!

  3. Sorry about the rollicking motion sickness, but very happy you found something (they gave you something) that works! Hurrah! And, I really am glad you like your OB. That is a wonderful thing. I look forward to the glowing part for you too!

  4. I’m so glad you like the new OB! Oh, and I also loved your title on the last post – hilarious.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon (or at least find something that makes you feel better)…

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