So that’s why it’s called Morning Sickness

I think it’s official. I suffer from morning sickness. I’ve been feeling queasy at various times – usually between 1 and 6 in the afternoon.

Today I woke up and did a little work before really getting moving. By the time I was in the shower I felt dreadful. Crawled downstairs to nibble on animal crackers and lay down on the couch until I had to leave for my meeting.

Brought snacks for the car ride and got through the meeting – looking a little green – then back to the office.

It’s not full on throwing up. And there was only one cough/heave combo today. But all in all I feel like Crap! I’ve heard feeling sick is a good sign. And I know that after all we’ve been through, what’s a little upset stomach? Right?

But I tell you – Bubble had better have a stellar heartbeat on Thurs…

Of course – there are other times when I’m feeling particularily poopy and I bump my sore bosom kind of on purpose and think to myself “I may be feeling horrible but we’re doing just fine.”

And then I suck it up and get on with my day.


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5 responses to “So that’s why it’s called Morning Sickness

  1. Oh believe me, MS sucks! I have been suffering from it non stop for a week and it’s been crappy. I haven’t been able to eat ANYTHING but mashed potatoes without getting sick. My husband just went out and baught me some “sea bands” today and they seem to be helping. I actually got to eat dinner this evening. If yours doesn’t get better I suggest going and getting some as well. THey’re cheap and effective.

  2. nishkanu

    Good luck with your scan!

  3. Bubble WILL have a stellar, strong heartbeat on Thursday!! Good luck.

  4. cady

    i started getting morning sickness today. i see it as a good sign that things are going on in there, but like you, i’m counting the days until my u/s so i can see that heartbeat.

  5. I had horrific MS till I was 16 weeks pregnant – good times. The one consistent message I got from professionals was that MS was a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Statistically, you are less likely to miscarry if you suffer from MS. So while it sucks, it IS a good thing.

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