Where does the time go?

I’ve been reading the books I have (thanks to T and SIL) about pregnancy and so many refer to my advanced maternal age…(the ripe old age of 36) and I’m really irked.

Mostly I’m ticked that we tried and tried to get here before the odometer clicked past the golden 34 onto the notably less shiny 35 and certainly before the blackened rust heap that is 36. WE TRIED DAMMIT!

Is there no room in there for describing the slightly advanced but dutifully taking prenatal vitamins, saving the booze for special occasions and failed cycles and thinking about everything that goes into the ‘wanttobemothership’? Doesn’t the 2 plus years of actively trying somehow negate some of my actual age? Well, doesn’t it?

it seems quite unfair to me that time marches on, paying no heed to how hard we work or how much we sacrifice.

Then time, that dirty bit.ch, slows to a grinding halt whenever there’s waiting to be done. Waiting for cycles to start, betas then ultrasounds…

Time is not my friend today. Screw time.


Ideas for calcium?

Throwing this one out there. I’m lactose intolerant and am trying to get enough calcium without additional supplements. Anybody have ideas on how to sneak extra cal into day to day eating?


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3 responses to “Where does the time go?

  1. Sil

    It is irksome. But you get less of it after the birth (well, except when people can hear your knees creaking). In the US AMA also means lots more services, like being covered for genetic testing etc.

    I found this:
    There’s a good table there.

    I’ve heard of other women becoming lactose tolerant during pregnancy, and pregnancy got rid of some of my health issues (added others of course), so I’m hoping for something similar for you.

  2. I am lactose intolorent as well as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome but my advice is get calcium in other forms such as beans, cabbage, broccoli, almonds, oranges, orange juice, okra, turnip greens, instant oatmeal, tofu, chickpeas, navy beans, white beans, as well as you could spend a few extra dollars at walmart and get Lactose Free whole milk, 2%, etc for about $2.35 and it’s YUMMY! All the calcium and none of the gassiness or stomach pains. Win Win for all involved.

    Our fosterbaby is also lactose intolorent (rather she is actually allergic to milk) and we buy that milk for her (and me).

  3. brown-eyed-girl

    There are products like Lactaid that could help you with this. You pop a pill before eating dairy foods and it helps you not react to the lactose.

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