Hiding in the Closet

It’s very weird to know you’re PG and to be acting like you’re PG but not actually telling people. Tonight we went to a dinner party and I drank lots of delicious water while everyone else drank copious amounts of wine. I was yawning by 10:30 and ended up staying till midnight – about an hour after I turned into a pumpkin.

No one asked the question but I’m pretty sure it was the first topic of conversation after we left. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe no one noticed and I’m just hyper tuned in to the whole thing and just imagine everyone is looking at me all the time wondering if I am or I’m not.


We’ve been having discussions about when we’re going to come out and tell the world. Some people already know. Those who were aware of what we were going through have already heard the good word – delivered with a note of caution about how early, the risks, just news, no congratulations yet.

Looking forward to talking freely about it. I think it will feel both more real and more like it’s really going to happen once it’s all out in the open.


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6 responses to “Hiding in the Closet

  1. sprogblogger

    Um, yep. I’m putting on a giant b-day spread for the boy tonight with all his wine-lovin’ family. Probably none of them will ask why I’m refusing the wine, but they’re sure going to be talking on the way home…

    I want to be able to talk about it…

  2. I was totally thinking of this subject last night!
    Wow, past midnight, Impressive!

  3. Wanted to check in and see how you were doing…hope you got a good night’s sleep after being out late.

    I’ll be following along–can’t wait to hear how the first US goes!


  4. Sil

    It is really strange — we were in London and visited family at about 8 weeks. Had a dinner out where everyone else downed wine and I picked at food and yawned a lot. It is definitely fun when you get to the telling, and I’m sure people will be thrilled for you!

  5. rosesdaughter

    I am soooo trying to keep mine a secret! it’s hard though. I work in Labor and Delivery and in a Fertility Clinic. They have the “you are pregnant” radar!

    Good luck on the first sono!

  6. I worry about this too! While on my stims I’ve been just walking around parties with a glass of wine (untouched) because asking for or drinking water would just be SUCH a red-flag. Hopefully if we get pregnant I can continue to be stealth with people that I’m not yet ready to tell.

    Hoping you get to drink lots of water in the upcoming weeks and months 😉

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