JustinCases and IfWe’reNots

As most infertiles do, husband and I planned some things just in case it didn’t work. And we got excited about some things that we’d do if we’re not pregnant.

Now that we are – and will hopefully remain so for 36 more weeks, I’m feeling the slightest twinge at one of my just in case scenarios. And trying to figure out how to make our if we’re not happen if we are.

This first one has been on my mind for a few years. Please know that after a year of back pain and fertility treatments – not sure how I was planning to pull this off – figured I’d walk it? Anyway – got the charge on my credit card today that shows I’ve been accepted as an entry into the San Francisco Women’s Marathon. Yay me…except that at this rate, I’ll be about 36 weeks pregnant.

I’m not pulling out or canceling anything. If things don’t go my way, a good long walk might be just what I need. But after not being drawn in the lottery the 2 previous years I feel excited to have been selected. And conflicted about the fact that I feel more excited about NOT going this year.

The other one. The Big Ifwe’renot is our trip to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Tickets? Check! Place to stay? Check! Three month old baby? Wha…? Oh yes. I have been blubbering nonstop about the olympics since I started our application for tickets last October (funny – also a lottery). I wasn’t sure we’d get them as there were lots of folks who entered and came up empty handed. But we have tickets to 10 events, a friend to stay with and a huge love of the games. I am stoked to go. Just not sure we can make the trip with Bubble in tow.

We’re so far so good. We’re cautiously optimistic. But we’re also not counting our Bubbles before they’re hatched.

Soon the time will come to let go of all those justincases (we’ll paint the office neutral justincase it’s never anything but an office) and the ifwe’renots (if we’re not pregnant we’ll go to italy in June) and start thinking off all the ’causeweare’s. Cause we are pregnant, we have to decide if we’ll try to go to the olympics or sell our tickets…

Wonder when that time is?

And what are your JustinCases?


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7 responses to “JustinCases and IfWe’reNots

  1. Sil

    Our big one was no baby, go on sabbatical somewhere exciting. But sabbatical of never leaving the house and always having someone attached to my boobs, that was pretty amazing, too. Oh, and there was the whole almost mailed adoption application. And the big wad of cash I was going to spend on indulgent new clothes for skinny me.

  2. I don’t know if they are “IfWereNots” but about 2 years in TTC I decided I couldn’t keep my life on hold any more and stopped planning my life around “We might be pregnant.” Most amazing thing actually done in that time was living 6 months in a very, very remote area in another country – a long-time dream come true (although it was kind of a bitch to cycle from there). The “IfWereNot” I might have to rethink if my recent BFP sticks around is returning to that amazing place this summer – medical care is just too hard to reach from there. And more concretely, on my mom’s suggestion, a long, international business trip slated to start in a week… don’t want to be barfing through the whole thing. But it is still super early for me.

  3. Good for you for not completely letting IF control your future. I put off many things because I spend the past few years planning my life in 9 month increments.

    One of our if we never’s (have kids), we’ll buy a hot little red two-seater convertible and take lots and lots of road trips. That still may happen some day, but it will have to wait.

    Wow. The Olympics. Good for you!!

  4. You know, I think the Olympics should be classified as “it doesn’t matter one way or the other because we ARE going”. My parents took us on a camping trip across Europe with my baby sister (then 2 months old) in tow. You can do it!

    BTW, wishing you the very best of luck for the next 36 weeks!


  5. Those are some really fun just in cases! Even with a baby I would try to make it to the olympics. That is a wonderful experience.


  6. I love your justincases. Mine are much more pedestrian — get a personal trainer (why bother at this point?) and go on vacation some place you have to fly to get to (my RE grounds his patients during the first trimester). Take the baby to the Olympics — it would be fun! Happy ICLW.

  7. I agree with Kristin…the Olympics are the kind of thing you cant pass up even with a little bubble in tow.


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