Nothing to report

First, would like to say a heartfelt thank-you for all your inter-love these last couple of weeks. It shouldn’t be this bumby a ride – what with all this positive news rattling around in my head – but I’ve had a bit of a hard go of it and I appreciate all the warm comments and overwhelming support.

Second – I have nothing to report today.

Had a crazy day at work that’s just ending now so there wasn’t time for all my worry to sneak in.

Not much Bubble news to report – no new aches or pains. No increased sea-sickness. No relief from the ‘used to be DD’s’ (have to go looking for a new b/ra this weekend. Fear I’m jumping up to the E’s. yikes? where you do find an E?)

Also was a dud ICWL’ver today – so need to do double duty tomorrow. Have one week till we have our ultrasound and hopefully hear a heartbeat and then hopefully settle into the new normal with much more grace than has thus far been achieved.

Going to the family doc tomorrow to get a referral to an OB. No idea how long it takes to get an appointment…not that I’m any stranger to waiting.

I think this might win for my most boring post yet.

hmmm, maybe a list to leave off…

Five bubble related things I’ve let myself google…

5. just how large will I be at my best friends wedding

answer: 2 story house

4. when does one start needing maternity clothes

answer: no good answer – anytime between 2 and 6 month…thanks for that, google.

3. are there pictures of a penguin themed nursary

answer: no, and why are you wanting to know this early – you might jinx it

2. how much weight should I gain?

answer: no good answer – somewhere between 15 and 50 lbs. Great. Thanks again.

1. When will the Bubble get here?

answer: approx the 20th of November… Fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes crossed.


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3 responses to “Nothing to report

  1. Really?! They gave you the EDD of Nov. 20th? Mine is Nov 18th and I was about a good 4 or so days ahead of you. Weird. It’s so weird how these things work out. That’s so cool that we’re so close though.

  2. NOTHING TO REPORT??? WHOOOHOOOO! That is great! No, really, it is. And as a nearly A, I simply cannot fathom E’s. Good luck with that (on line might save you).
    And things being great and things being hard are not antithetical- if there is one thing that is common to all of us on this journey, no matter where we are in the process, is that we get very experienced at experiencing very complex combinations and series of emotions. Even when this works it does not mean that we can suddenly be innocent. But wouldn’t that be nice?

  3. I’m glad to hear things are boring 🙂 A late November due date sounds just about perfect for little Bubble.

    When is your friend’s wedding? You’ll be so big and cute!

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