11 Sleeps till Ultrasound

To pass the time until the ultrasound lets us know that Bubble is OK today – here are 11 things that are weird about being pregnant…

1. When I talk about my sore b.oo.bs – I mean really, really sore. Brought tears to my eyes yesterday sore.

2. It’s true about the sense of smell – I can smell everything. It’s unpleasant.

3. There are things I can’t imagine eating. Like grocery store roast chicken and bacon cooked at home. No idea why.

4. Thirsty. So thirsty.

5. When I am hungry, I am hungry NOW.  But when I eat – after about 1/2 normal portion I’m full. Until I’m not. Then I’m hungry. NOW.

6. The smell of cleaning supplies make me queasy. Lucky for me.

7.  I spend an unusual amount of time wondering. Not scheming or planning or controlling. Just wondering…boy or girl? Left handed or right? Happy baby? Grumpy baby? Likes books, bikes, cars, cabbage patch? Will I ever get to know?

8. I haven’t really gained weight – but the weight I have seems to have migrated to my middle. Not in an attractive way…not that it matters – just not used to having small calves and big muffin top. All the weight used to live in the bottom half. How it’s managed to move up, I’ll never know.

9. Bubble is the size of a poppy seed and already seems to be the focus of the household. Um, that didn’t take long.

10. Did I mention the boo.bs? Ouch.

11. I’m happy. I’m worried and anxious and nervous  – I think I write that every day – but I’m happy. I was worried for a while that all the IF stuff was becoming a challenge. And that I had become so focused on the struggle that I’d lost sight of the reason we got into the ring in the first place. From time to time I wondered if I wanted to beat the infertility more that I wanted the baby. I’ve now realized that isn’t possible. I want us to meet the Bubble more that I thought was possible. And that want doesn’t fill me with despair the way wanting to beat the IF did. It makes me really friggin happy.



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9 responses to “11 Sleeps till Ultrasound

  1. Sil

    I could not eat or smell or even look at meat the first trimester (and by meat I mean beef, chicken, fish, etc.). That did pass though after first trimester. And I had these weird fickle cravings/aversions that would change. Husband said he would go to grocery store and throw a bunch of things in the cart, and hope he would come home with at least one thing that I didn’t say, oh my, get that away from me or I’ll puke.

    Grow little poppy seed, grow.

  2. Congrats!
    I guess someone else will have to do all the cleaning for now 😉

  3. i’m so happy you are pregnant! good luck with the u/s, i know it will be worth the wait!


  4. Congratulations! Well wishes and hopes that you get to meet Bubble many, many months from now.

  5. Eve

    Congrats to you on little bubble! I did not eat meat (at least red meat) for my entire pregnancy with my son. The thought made me hurl. Enjoy the wonderment of it all! Your bodies about to do weird things you’ve never imagined!



  6. I am so happy that you are happy! The ultrasound will be amazing and so reassuring, I am positive! I am WAITING for my beta, and only 3dp5dt, so I sympathize with the waiting. I am glad you are having symptoms– that always is reassuring!


  7. Oh hun I so feel your pain. The smell thing is killing me lately, however I do have a cold now so I can’t seem to smell anything. The boobs are sore as can be and the nausea, I could live without, lol. But it’s nice to know that the more symptoms you have, the *stickier* it’s supposed to be.

    Congrats again! Our ultrasound is in 3 days!!

  8. I just had to drop by again to say thanks for the assurance about the cramps! 🙂 You made my whole night!


  9. Oh, it’s so great to read that you’re in a place where you can start to embrace the “feeling friggin happy.” What a concept after all this suffering. Not being able to tolerate the smell of cleaning supplies is a beautiful thing. Milk it! You went through IVF, are carrying the bubble, and will need to deliver the bubble. Least dh can do is clean. 😉

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