Sea Sick

I have what I think is morning sickness. Except it happens in the afternoon from about 2-6. Seems it gets set off by the smell of something. Yesterday it was my leftover lunch in my office garbage can. Today it was the lunch room garbage close to the water cooler.

I’ve been filling my glass at the water cooler and tossing my lunch in the trash for a long, long time. But yesterday and today were the only times that I felt like I was bobbing on big waves in a very small boat after doing either.

Hasn’t progressed to full on throwing up yet – though I’ve never chucked while actually sea sick either. Just kind of green and really queasy.

Not complaining. I swore if I ever found myself here I wouldn’t complain. Just making a note of it. Time will tell if it’s gonna get worse or if this is it.

I wonder if Bubble, floating around in there, will get sea sick too?



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16 responses to “Sea Sick

  1. congrats on feeling sick! I love your name, Bubble and the previous posts talking about bubble. I am sending you good thoughts.

  2. lifeslurper

    Congratulations for having morning (afternoon ?) sickness! Congratulations on Bubble! I love to hear a happy IVF story!!! ICLW

  3. Is it wrong to be excited that you feel sick? lol sorry, not good for you but good that there are signs of the PG now! Hopefully Bubble is doing well

  4. SIL

    You ARE allowed to complain. No matter how hard you work for it and want it, there are parts of pregnancy that are NO FUN. I had similar smell-related reactions, plus brushing my teeth made me gag throughout pregnancy (not good for figure out how to get taste of vomit out of your mouth). My biggest suggestion is constant eating of mild things. Never let your stomach be too empty or too full.

  5. Congrats on your reason for feeling sick. Wishing you and Bubble a great 9 months.

  6. Hey there, have you thought of trying the sea sick bands? acu-pressure thingies that you wear on your wrists…. I have heard they can help with the queasiness. And you can take them off if you want reassurance! It is such a mixed blessing– so glad you feel crappy since it means you’re pregnant! (although a friend of mine was never sick)– but I also know it can be horrid and debilitating. So please take care of yourself and truly, you are allowed to complain! Wanting to be pregnant is not the same thing as wanting or enjoying feeling like barfing.

  7. complaining is ok, I went through fertility treatments to have my son and said the same thing but I complained the entire time.

  8. Hi there! Congrats on the bubble-ness! I can’t wait until you have your ultrasound- how exciting!!

    I have found great relief in lemon ginger tea whenever feeling pukey- give it a try! 🙂


  9. Complain away, you have earned the right more than any “one hit wonder” pregnant woman! I can listen to an IVF-battle vet compain about pg symptoms all day. It’s music to my ears, because you have fought tooth and nail for the privilege. I hope you can continue to feel pg, and have symptoms, but that they will be mild and not uncomfortable. Bubble-baby, snuggle tight. Happy ICLW!

  10. I love reading your complaints about your pg symptoms, it gives me the warm fuzzies inside, like What IF, I think that every woman who’s been through the IF journey and concieves deserves even more so to have a bit of a whinge and feel good about being able to have that whinge. 🙂 I hope the bubble continues to (mildly) remind you that (s)he is hanging around. *hugs* ICLW

  11. Joining you at your first signs of life — woot!

    Congrats on the sea sickness, and may all proceed healthfully for you and the little one.


  12. M

    Congrats on being pregnant! I hope that what you’re feeling for morning sickness is the worst that it gets for you!


  13. Nah, Little bubble isn’t floating around in there – bubble is implanted nicely into your lining, snuggling in for the long haul.

    I’ve been pregnant 3 times and I only felt morning sickness with my first pregnancy. And it was exactly like you desribe – in the afternoon for a few hours and sea sick – never throwing up. What helped me was red grapes. Eating a handful every 30-45 minutes or so made it better. It started around 7 weeks and at 12 weeks, a switch just slipped one morning and I didn’t have a single day of sickness after that.

    Good luck! (and congrats!)

  14. Congratulations on your morning sickness! I hope Bubbles doesn’t get sea sick, that wouldn’t be much fun for him or her ;o)

  15. Jo

    For once, I am so glad that you are sick. Here’s hoping it lasts for a while!


  16. So glad to hear the tummy is a rockin’…and I’m sure that Bubble is just getting comfy in there!

    Congrats to you…I’m so glad that at least one of us got to celebrate on our last cycle. I am so happy for you!

    Happy ICLW too!


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