2 Blasts Off

Just a quick note as I’m trying to put an end to a little post transfer twinging – we had a ‘textbook’ (according to the doc) transfer of two grade 1 blasts today. Won’t know if we have any snowbabies till tomorrow. Beta’s on the 18th.

Wore the new heart sock which got more than one smile and was there with my ‘cycle friend’ who went right after me and also had a great ET.

So – knocked up until further notice. Still trying to wrap my head around that. It’s rare that I get to be something I’ve never been before.

Let the wait (and the worry) begin. 14 days till beta.

Stick, babies stick.



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12 responses to “2 Blasts Off

  1. YAY! I am so glad that everything went well! I hope that things continue and you have a wonderful suprise in 14 days!

  2. I know the feeling(never been there before).. It is wonderful, scary, exciting.

    Good luck with 2ww anxiety!

  3. Wishing permanence with this knocked-upped-ness. Thinking nothing of good thoughts for you and the two travelers.

  4. Dig in, perfect embabies! Sending you much calmness, and cautious optimism to get you through the 2ww. Congratulations on your perfect transfer. This bodes well!

  5. OOH! I am sure they are sticky little embies…. hang on guys (or gals)! I am glad all went well for you. I am sure the wait will be excruciating (I am already dreading mine, and I don’t start stims until Friday!) but you’ve got some good friends to distract you. Also, eat candy. That is what I’ll do most likely!

  6. Sounds just great! I am happy the transfer went well, and I can only imagine the magic of the pregnant for now stage– I imagine it must be complex but also full of wonder. Good luck! and may the next weeks pass gently and just as quickly as you want them to. I can imagine in some ways wanting to slow down, in some ways wanting to speed up. Good luck to you and your two!

  7. I’m so happy to hear about your beautiful little blasts! Oh, how I hope they’re burrowing in tight! I’m also sending hope your way that the others keep growing and you have a couple of guys to freeze.

    Take special care of yourself during the 2WW – you deserve a little TLC! I agree with Carrie – candy is always nice.

  8. awakeintheworld

    Sticky thoughts going out to you. Good luck.

  9. YAY! I am so happy for you. My fingers are crossed for you. I know I havent been on lately but this has been a very trying time for me ( and Im sure for everyone else as well). I am not adjusting to the meds well. Anyway, I will post my updates today. We are not that far apart with our cycles.


  10. Shannon

    Yippee! So glad to hear that all went well. What did you end up doing with your petri dish? Do tell!

  11. I’ve got my **fingers, toes, and eyeballs crossed ** for you!

  12. Token


    Every single fibre of my being is crossed that they stay there and do what they should.

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