Gimme 5

Day 5 transfer it is. On Wednesday (time TBD) the little embies – or blasts as they should be by that point – come on home.

In case you were wondering:

(answers to some of the brilliant questions I’ve been asked by people IRL)

1. No, we won’t be transferring all six back to make me sexto-mom.

2. No, transferring two doesn’t guarantee we’ll get two babies (or one for that matter).

3. No, we won’t know the sex at this stage of the game.

4. Yes it will be great to have the wait over. (Not that it means the waiting is done – we switch one wait for another.)

5.  No, I can’t visit them in the lab tomorrow.

Right now we still have 6 little dudes in the lab – all are grade 1 and 2 (on a 1 to 5 scale with 1 being best). There are 3 9cell+, 1 7-8 cell and 2 6 cell.

Not sure I’ll get a report tomorrow – I think it’s just the time to come for transfer so likely won’t know any more till Wednesday.

Phew. Made it through another day. Hang in there little guys. We’re almost past this part.

PS : I got another award today and still can’t figure out how to get the little picture on my blog. That’s 2 I’m behind on. Can anybody help?



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15 responses to “Gimme 5

  1. jsasnm

    That’s great! I am glad that things went well (again) and hopefully they’ll continue!

  2. That’s such great news! Will you get another report tomorrow on how they’re doing? I haven’t blogged on WordPress in almost three years, so I’m afraid I’m of no help with getting pics up. Hopefully someone else will have some help to offer!

  3. Yay for a five-day transfer! Congrats. 🙂

    People ask the dumbest questions. Off to roll my eyes at them …

  4. CeCe Garrett

    Praying for an awesome transfer!

  5. great news on 5 day transfer!
    Ugh, some questions… I was asked “in a joking manner, but still” if I’d have a litter. This is before octo-mom, but after jon & kate +8. Annoying!

  6. Do people really think this would guarantee a baby/babies? Or that you would know the sex already? Wow.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  7. awakeintheworld

    Hoping the good news continues for you.

    Re: the awards–Just copy and paste the award as you would a photo (right click). You can then adjust the position of the picture (award) by clicking on it (in the draft). Or, just copy and paste, and don’t worry about adjusting the position. 🙂

    You deserve all the awards you can get. I would have given you one, but I saw that you had already gotten it.

    Go, transfer, go!

  8. 5. No, I can’t visit them in the lab tomorrow.

    this made me crack up, how awesome would that be if you could visit them like you visit babies in hospitals, I’d love that – me and H standing outside a glass window whilst a lab tech lifts a petri-dish for us to look at 😉

    I gave you an award a couple of days ago but I’ve been a little crazy the last few days and didn’t get around to commenting to tell you, seems to be the season for awardy goodness 🙂

  9. Shannon

    Hahaha – love the thought of going to visit them in the lab. Not so much! And for peace of mind, your call today will only include your transfer time for tomorrow – they don’t disturb the little guys on day four. You’ll find out exactly how they’re doing tomorrow when you see Dr. H.

    Very best of luck with the transfer, and enjoy the little trinket they send home with you! And I ain’t just talkin’ ’bout the embies!! 🙂

  10. Janice

    okay stop teasing about the little trinket! Tell us already!!

  11. I just wanted to stop by and wish you the best of luck during your ET or I guess it’d be called your BT tomorrow. Give the little Blasties my best and I hope all goes well for you!

  12. The IRL questions had me laughing… I can’t wait to have you join me in the crazy 2WW tomorrow. Having 6 grade 1-2 embies is fantastic! I hope the transfer is a breeze, and that the reunion of you and your embies goes beautifully.

  13. Re: the award image. I used Google’s image search, typed in “Honest Scrap”, and then rightclicked and saved the image to my hard drive. On blogger, when you “create new post” there’s an “insert image” icon which is straightforward to use. You just click “insert image” > “Browse” to where it’s saved on your hard drive, and then save. Since you’re on WordPress, I don’t know where your “insert image” function would be. Usually, it is close to the “insert link” and “edit HTML” functions.

  14. Fantastic news all around! Wishing you the best for your transfer.

  15. Woohoo! 5 Day Transfer and the number of embryos sounds terrific! I’m so excited for you! I hope the transfer goes swimmingly!

    Does your clinic recommend any down-time after the transfer? Mine recommends 48 hours of “coach-potato” time. Believe me, I take full advantage!! (I excel in the art of coach-potatoing.)

    Happy Transfer!

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