And then there were 6

Eight retrieved. Six fertilized and going strong. Will hear another report tomorrow but Doc thinks we should be prepared to have three make it to the end. The plan is still to transfer on day 5 but if things start to go downhill, we’ll be in to transfer on Monday.

Just got the call so need a few minutes to mourn the 2 we say goodbye to today and then on to crossing fingers for the six that are growing away in their little test tubes, fighting for a chance to be full fledged little people.

Hang in there little buddies. I’ll see you soon.



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8 responses to “And then there were 6

  1. Sil

    Fingers, toes, legs, arms, and anything else I can think of crossed for you and those 6.

  2. Yay for 6, keeping everything crossed!

  3. Shannon

    Hang in there, six pack!

  4. May all 6 embies make it to day 5. I’ll bet you long to have them in you. I hated having mine in the petri dish. Now that the embies are in me, it’s such a relief. I’m sending you lots of good luck for this week of waiting prior to the big wait.

  5. I certainly hope that those 6 make it as well. I currently have 6 waiting till day 5 then they’ll be frozen….. I’ll cross my fingers for you 6 and you can cross your fingers for my 6!!

    Good luck! I’ll have my little ones send healthy vibes your way!

  6. awakeintheworld

    Go 6! Peaceful, patient energy going out to you.

  7. Token

    I am a pretzel – my entire body is crossed.

  8. Wonderful news! Come on six embies….stay strong!!!

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