I heart my follies

Just a quick post tonight. I started the day with another talk with the doc. He arrived halfway through my ultrasound to talk to me about how it’s going.

We now have 12 follies on the radar though some will be over mature by the big day. RE was concerned that without a big jump in E2 we’d be cancelled. He said he thinks I’m capable of a perfect cycle and why would be go through with an imperfect one, when there’s a perfect one just around the corner.

I thought – “you say that to all the girls”.

Anyway, when the numbers came in, my E2 had jumped from 3000 to 5000 so no need to worry.

And then, as a sliver of hope shone in like a blade of light through a crack in the curtains, I bought myself some new socks for the ER and ET. Both pairs are covered in hearts.

Now I know that follies and blasts can’t see my feet, but I had this overpowering need to let them know just how much I love them, right from the start. Heck, before the start.



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9 responses to “I heart my follies

  1. Such a lovely thought. I also bought new, wacky socks right before my last transfer. I know those follies and embryos will feel the love!

  2. Here from ICLW! All the best on your cycle, may you have a very successful one!

  3. that is fantastic!
    cool sock idea. They’ll feel the love even as they are removed during ER.

  4. Yay for follie love and GOOD LUCK!

  5. So glad to hear things are moving! And socks are a great way to send love to your follies…I should know!

    I’m triggering tonight with ER on Friday…you?

  6. The heart socks are a great idea, I’m sure they are already feeling the love. I’m so happy for you that your estrogen level rose, and that the follies are doing good. Here’s to a great cycle!

  7. I love socks! I started wearing cute socks to RE appointments lately, as well.
    I hope the socks help!

  8. Love the sock idea! V pleased the E2 levels increased

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