From 3 to 7

Just a quick update – follies of interest have gone from 3 to 7. Estrogen jumped from 659 to 1596. Bloodwork and ultrasound have gone from every second day to every day.

And I survived a birthday party with 47 kids 5 and under gracefully. Without booze.

More later.



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7 responses to “From 3 to 7

  1. Good job follies…and even more impressively…Good job surviving that birthday party sans booze!

  2. K

    Birthday parties are grueling !!! grow follies, grow!!!!!

  3. Keep on growing follies! Wow, that is a lot of kids, sounds like my DH’s family functions.

    Thanks for the comment, ICLW

  4. Well done! I think I would have needed booze!!

  5. Here’s to slow follies…and high doses of meds (for me at least!)

    I’ll be watching you too–hope we both have lots of luck!

  6. strongblonde

    um….omg. i’m so impressed that you survived being around that many kids. even more impressed that you did it without alcohol. 🙂

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