It’s a No-Baby Shower and you’re invited!

Hey Guys – I think I’m on to something with this no-baby thing. Three people today felt I was acting strangely – hormonal and odd, and every one asked if I was pregnant. “Actually I’m not-pregnant” I answered with a little smirk (which I’m sure just made me seem weirder).

Anyhoo, if I were pregnant, somebody would be thinking about my eventual baby shower. Not coming any time soon.

But, in my headachey-constant nausea hormone induced state I thought we should plan a no-baby shower. Weird – probably. Insane – quite possibly. Going to make me feel better? Definitely.

How do we do it? Hmmm. Not quite sure. But as this is I-Com-Lea-We…I figure making the plan shouldn’t be too hard with all the reading and commenting going on.

This is what I think. We all go out and buy ourselves a no-baby present. Something small like a lottery ticket or a new lipstick. Or something bigger. Something we’ve been putting off because “you never know…” – a new pair of jeans, sexy panties, heck a new video game – whatever. Then we go and get our favourite food – I’m going to get a cupcake or two – my favourite celebration food. Next, a favourite song – an anthem that keeps you going, the song that was playing when you first met your partner – hell, the song you picture singing to a little someone you haven’t met yet when they can’t sleep. Finally – we can pick what we’re having to drink (or would be having if we weren’t in the middle of a cycle).

So we’ve got a no-baby shower gift, food, drinks, music. What else do we need? We need guests! And that part’s easy. We’re all right here!

So I’ll send out the first invitation…


I really hope you’ll join me next Sunday, March 1st for my first No-Baby Shower.


There. Cool. It’s on. Leave a comment if you’re throwing a no-baby shower too. Get everything ready then on March 1 post about what you got, what you ate, what you listened to and everyone who drops by can say a quick hello to let you know they enjoyed your party.


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10 responses to “It’s a No-Baby Shower and you’re invited!

  1. Love your No-baby Shower idea, InVitroVeritas! It’s high time we infertiles get some serious pampering and TLC, even if we have to do it ourselves. We seem to need an intervention for everything, so why not for a No-baby Shower too? I’ll be listening to Katie Melua, drinking green tea since coffee and alcohol is out right now, and buying myself a new book. Let the spoiling begin.

    – IComLeavWe comment #1

  2. What a neat idea! I would love to participate but I may be laid up from my ET. If not, I hope I can join in!

    Here from ICLW.

  3. woohoo! Great idea. I am totally doing it!

  4. The Barreness

    I’ve got my BT this Friday – and since I’m expecting it to be a BFN, I’d be delighted to participate. Mmmmm cupcakes…

  5. I like the idea of getting myself a no-baby present. Think I may just do that to cheer myself up!!!

    • onepinkline

      Hey Janice – tried to leave a comment on your blog but it wouldn’t post. So I’m putting it here…
      Hey Janice, the only good things about so much time in Toronto (aside from the BFP) are the great people you meet. I’m totally rooting for the left side!

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