Family Day Report Card

(Overdue) Taxes – A+ Both my shamefully old tax returns are done. Just need to bring my laptop to the office to print them off and viola – operation “Take care of things that are stressing you out” is off to a good start.

Coming up on our anniversary and have a few outstanding wedding thank yous  – B+ – Located unsent list and cards – need to get addresses to send (that was the original hold up) but made no attempt to secure said addresses. Will take to work tomorrow and get as many as possible there. Estimated completion date – Wed.

Office shape up – F – the act of looking for cards and tax receipts has left office in worst shape than before. Might need to call in reinforcements. I am a horrible pack rat. I think I’m going to need an intervention to ever get it sorted. Estimated completion date – Easter

The Lump – (laundry) C – folded and put away clean baskets from loads of yore. Sorted laundry to prep for wash. But as I didn’t actually put a load in the washer to day – mediocre grade. Estimated completion date – Tuesday? Thursday?

All in all it seemed like a busy day despite not really getting a lot finished. Family day makes me want to throw up in my mouth a bit (not having a long weekend, I’m all for that) because it feels like another kick in the gut reminder that other people are celebrating having a family and I’m doing everything I can not to think about it. Couldn’t they have called it Winter day? Or named it for some dead people? Or just called it Free Day! Jerks.

In other news, switched to leg for injections today. Not much tummy territory left. I’m not that keen on the leg. Not sure if it’s just my imagination but I think it hurts more and it’s harder to get the needle in and out at 90 degrees. I’m not adjusting well to three in a row regardless. Hopefully it’ll start to feel more like a habit tomorrow.

Ultrasound bright and early. Come on little Follies!

This is kind of a boring post. My apologies. Was kind of a boring day. Except the part where we ate dessert first – cupcakes as an appetizer – to help take the bite out the needle stings. I think I’m getting a clue as to why I’m gaining weight  – needles = treat. U/S = treat. Blood test = treat. Around here the treats are really adding up (on my a#$).



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2 responses to “Family Day Report Card

  1. I like the idea of a family/day report card.

    There is a lot of bloat in first half of IVF cycle, regardless of treats, I think.

  2. OK, wait, is it really called Family Day? What the heck is that all about? My husband has the week off for “Ski Week” and I thought that was bad.

    Great work on the taxes. Focus on the positive!! I’m the same way with the food/candy rewards. Started way back when mom would take us directly for donuts as a treat for going to the dentist. Looking back, that was really bad parenting!

    Hang in there 🙂

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