I’m pretty sure I sound like a big complainer. And I should be grateful that we have the means and the opportunity to continue our journey. And I know that millions of people live through all sorts of horrific things that make this seem like a cake walk.

But IVF sucks! Lupron isn’t too bad in the injection but the side effects are murder. (well not yet, but there could be a beheading at any time, stand back). The other two – Gonal-F and Luveris are a Bi-tch at the moment of  injection and it’s the gift of bi.tch that keeps on giving.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about some follies on Tuesday. I want to have some proof that this is doing some kind of good.

‘Cause from where I’m sitting it’s all sucks, all the time.

Moan. Moan. Moan. I need to get my mind off this.

Holiday tomorrow. Much to do. I’m writing this here so I’ll have no excuse to avoid any of this…taxes, operation office unpack, shamefully late thank you letters, climb and conquer Mount Kill-A-Man-Laundry.

There. Typed it out loud. Now I have to do it.

I will have a better day tomorrow. I will have a better day tomorrow. I will have a better day tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Hor-Moans

  1. Eve

    Well I’m not even on an IVF cycle, and I’m complaining too! My fingers are crossed that you find many beautiful follies on your RE visit!


  2. Hi, found you through cyclesista.
    I hate lupron! I even may be allergic to it! I got hives.
    Good luck at your u/s!

  3. Hope you got all of that done today! Good luck at the u/s, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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