Cooking up a little romance…

Completely not an option tonight. We made the big jump from suppressing to stimulating. And I have to say nothing kills the thought of a romantic dinner than two fairly well adjusted love birds trying to get the recipe for a baby right.

Start with the lupron shot. I’m getting used to that one so I went with the whole “devil you know” thing. Then Luveris. You have to use a giant needle to make the mix up for that one. Husband reading direction while trying not to pass out from giant needle. Me trying not to squirt it all over the floor. Where did the last shot go in? Don’t want to do the same spot twice. They gave me a map to follow. Damn. Should have followed the map. Starting to look like a junkie with all the track marks. Luveris, done. Stings more. And felt a weird warm sensation radiating from the injection sight. Oh, and think my bo.obs grew (again) just looking at the syringe.

Third one. Gonal-f. This one’s a pen. Fairly simple. Small needle. Dial up the meds and go. Need to find a spot. Takes a while. Jab it in. Plunge the tip. Husband, reading instructions again, counts steamboats till I can take out the needle. Have to leave it in for 5 to 10 sec. Bo.obs grew (again) just looking at the pen.

Clean up the crack house counter and c’est tout.

The whole process took us a whopping 30 min so we jumped into the car and raced to the theatre to catch an early show.

We hadn’t really picked one but after the “stick-up” my hub thought we should go see the chick flick…(I think the needles might be harder on him than me if they’re driven him to volunteer that) so I got seats – slide in just as the film started while he got us treats.

I’m certain I’ve spent Valentine’s Day at a fancy restaurant. I’ve had candlelight. I’ve had red Cinnamon hearts and candy kisses. But I’ve never felt more loved than I did this year mixing up meds and counting down the steamboats.

Long weekend here in Canada – Back to the clinic tuesday to see if the follies are responding… hoping they’re feeling the love and join the party.



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4 responses to “Cooking up a little romance…

  1. The Barreness

    Best of luck – hope this part goes smoothly for you, fingers crossed for your u/s.

  2. I just read your post out loud to my hubby and we had a good chuckle together, because this is all so crazily familiar now. My bo.obs are growing too, with every “one thousand and one… one thousand and two…” stim needle jab.

    I’m glad to hear you’ve starting stimming and have upgraded to counting steamboats. 😀 “Clean up the crack house” had me laughing out loud. I needed that. This was also the sweetest Valentine’s post, the “I’ve never felt more loved…” part rang true for me too.

    In terms of stimming, I’m 6 days ahead, and can totally relate.

  3. awakeintheworld

    Good luck! How was the chick flick?

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