Lucky Plucky

Much talk of luck big and small yesterday. So, to continue the theme, I’d like to let you in on a little thought I had during my last intimate encounter with “Wanda” for my baseline ultrasound.

I sort of feel like the ultrasound tech plays a big role in this process. And you never really talk much – like who wants to make small talk with the person who’s waving Wanda up your who-ha. So how do they know how committed you are to the cause?

You need non-verbal cues. A sign. And I believe a lucky plucky – a sign you wear (down there) will let them know just how serious you are.

Forget the landing strip. How about a 4 leaf clover? Rabbit’s foot (similar to the landing strip but a little wider and a lot bushier)? And for those a little more religious I suggest praying hands.

I think it could really catch on! I totally find the time between stressing about work, the cycle, the meds, the money to ensure the house is neat enough for guests. (Everday neat, not third date neat) Why not take a few extra minutes to go the distance. Maybe something more forward thinking…an arrow that points “This way out”. Oooh, and if you’ve got a tech who’s not so Wand-erful (a jabber, a can’t find the holer, or worse of all, a lets get your lungs while we’re at it, I’ll just shove a little harderer) you must be able to sculpt “flipping the bird”.

I’ll get started on the stencils. Can’t wait.

Next ultrasound on the 17th.

Start stimming tomorrow. 3 needles. not much real estate left on the belly now – can only imagine 10 days and 30 injections from now.

A fresh rabbit’s foot-kini wax and and  countless belly bruises. There is nothing like IVF to make you feel beautiful.



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3 responses to “Lucky Plucky

  1. The last time I was at my salon they were passing around the “Naughty Nads” template design kit with a heart, lightening bolt and bermuda triangle (!). I love your idea of an infertility version. That would probably get some laughs at the clinic!

    Good luck to you – I hope you get to feeling better soon once the Lupron goes away.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Oh my! This post of yours is so perfectly timed. I’m sure to get the not-so-Wand-erful nurse on Monday. Read my blog about “heavy-handed nurses and other ultrasound anecdotes”and then please put me down for “flipping the bird.” 😀

  3. Lyndsay

    Thank You so much for this post! It truly made me laugh!!

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