Things I hope I remember if I ever have a baby…

The temperature is warming up. And I forgot that warmer weather means the return of life to my neighbourhood. This includes the baby brigade. We live in a pretty yuppie neighbourhood – great if you have a baby. Not so great if you want one and can’t seem to have one. Of course, when we moved here, we figured we’d fit right in in no time. Apparently not. I had conveniently forgotten  – over the long very cold winter – about the babyrotti that roam the streets in the hood.

Long story short – they’re out in full force. Now those with bumps last year are pushing strollers and a bumper crop of new expectants are strolling around flaunting their fertile selves.

Apparently I have grown colder as time wears on – or this Lupron is turning me into a because these were my observations today. Don’t hate me because I’m miserable.

1. We’re in a Sta.rbu.cks so the drink everyone is holding is very hot. Maybe a toddler shouldn’t be dancing right now.

2. Maybe people under 3 feet shouldn’t be crossing behind a car with reverse lights on when mom and dad are trying to get child 2 out of the car.

3. It is cute when children stand in the middle of the sidewalk. It’s not cute when 2 parents with giant empty stoller stand in the middle of the side walk to reflect on the cuteness.

4. Strangers don’t always love to see your kids try and try to open a door by themselves when they are all lined up to exit said door.

5. Fertile people don’t rule the freakin’ world.

Ok, there, I said it.


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3 responses to “Things I hope I remember if I ever have a baby…

  1. myrtlesnotsofertile

    Amen, sista! How about a few more? You might think your kid is cute as they are running back and forth and being totally distruptive in a restaurant, but no one else gives a crap. Or how about you stop using your kid as an excuse for your own laziness or lack of ability to manage your time. And I understand the need for double strollers but they are not magical, they do not go through people like they are ghosts. They actually hurt when you roll over someone’s foot as you are plowing your way through the crowd on the sidewalk. I could go on but I won’t. The Lupron is starting to take over and I don’t want to be mean…

    • onepinkline

      I can totally agree with the Lupron taking over. The first day or two I thought -hey, this isn’t bad. Phooey was I wrong. I think I’m going to be nuts by the end. I can’t sleep and when I do I have ‘fever dreams’…so weird and real, I’m cranky and whiney and weepy and mean, I’m starving then sit down to a meal and find I can’t eat. And I’m thirsty – so thirsty. But blowing up like a balloon. I’m 5 shots in with about a thousand or maybe 15 to go. Yuck.

  2. awakeintheworld

    Loved this.

    I just hope if I ever have a kid, I’ll talk about something BESIDES the kid.

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