The “You-know-what-lets”

Can’t help it. Have to write this post despite wanting the buzz around 6 plus crazy lady plus 8 to fade swiftly away.

There is no point in discussing the creation, arrival or future of the 8. But I must take a moment to spill about why everyone needs to talk to me about the story.

Now I know I am in the middle of an IVF cycle. And I believe that everyone who knows is cheering for me, and only wants the best for me. And everyone who doesn’t know – well they don’t know. So how could they understand how far down their throats they’ve stuck their feet in the last few days.

I may know very little about the “you-know-what-lets”, but I do know this…

1. No I can’t really imagine having 8 babies at once. I can’t really imagine having one most of the time.

2. That is what happens with fertility treatments (in the hands of a crazy woman and a crackpot RE)

3. I don’t know why she would want to have more babies after she already has 6. I’m more interested in why she gets 14 and I get none.

4. Not idea how she’s going to pay for them. But then, in a couple of cycles, not really sure how I’d pay for one either so this pot won’t be calling the kettle black.

5. I agree the world is unfair and that people who really deserve babies don’t get them while other people who none of us know from Adam but are quick to judge just get to keep on havin’ ’em. And an especially big thanks for pointing that out to me in a big ‘ole room full of people.

6. It is a shame they don’t give out licenses for parenting. Lot of good the license did the doctor who put her in the situation.

7. I’m afraid I haven’t noticed that they never show the babies because I keep changing the channel.

8. No, I don’t want to have 8 babies and certainly not all at once- but given the choice – 8 or none I can’t say for sure which way I’d go.

Now don’t even get me started about the senior mom who had twins in Calgary. Seriously? 60?



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One response to “The “You-know-what-lets”

  1. Worst. timing. ever. for this woman (and doctor) to do this, because everyone that knows we’re starting IVF, well, it’s like the only thing they can think of to say to me. Oh, aside from referencing Jon and Kate + 8.

    SO ANNOYING!!! I think I need to get a tattoo on my forehead that says “no, we’re not going to have octuplets, but thank you for asking”.

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