You got here how?

Ok – so a few things to cover today. Before we get to “You got here how?”, let me first clear something up from yesterdays post…went for my mock transfer today – with endometrial biospy. IT WASN’T THAT BAD!!! So if you’re getting ready for one – fear not. Sure, it could be worse for some people than others. But in my experience ? It was alright.

Now back to the regularly scheduled post in which I ask – you got here how?

So I’ll admit that I do look at the blog stats and am curious how people end up here. Today – someone arrived by searching Baby Name Blogs.

BABY NAME BLOGS. I’m afraid I didn’t have much to offer that person. But , whoever you are, how about Follicle Names?

Yes, it’s true. I have named the follicles- every monitored cycle I’ve given a moniker to the main follies in the stable. There was Foll-E (during the cycle in which we saw Wall-E). Oh, and the cycle I had a horrible cold there were 2 big ones – Snuffle and Gus. There was  also ‘Big Guy’ the month that there was an unusually large follicle. Sadly, Foll-E, Snuffle, Gus and Big Guy never made it past that stage.

If we’d had a positive, perhaps we’d have nicknames for the baby-to-be – peanut, bean, Bab-E. But alas. No such luck.

So Baby Name searcher – who ever you are – I really hope that sometime in the future I will have such a post. And if not me, then one of the lovely folks in the blogroll to your right will. It is my hope that every blog I read will have the pleasure of having exactly what you’re looking for.

When should you check back? Well, we start Lupron tomorrow – will have our beta test somewhere around the middle of March. I’d check back around August.

Unless you are indeed looking for advice on Follicle Names. We start our monitoring on the 17th – 3 days after our stims start. So I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for somewhere around the 20th of Feb.

Tomorrow is Needle day 1. Only one injection a day until the stims. Then three a day. Maybe I can start naming the bruises. (Tumm-E)

We’re on our way.


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7 responses to “You got here how?

  1. Token

    I read those dreadful stories about the endo biopsy and was really hurting for you. So glad to hear it wasn’t so bad.

    The biggest search term that has lead people to my blog is As in cam.

    Maybe having it as a heading on a post wasn’t such a good idea…

    Good luck for the injections!

  2. myrtlesnotsofertile

    I love the follie names! Good luck with the injections, hopefully this will be a quick road to your +++!

  3. OK, better than a term I found on mine: my spunk happy brother story. What?!

    I’m really glad it wasn’t so bad – thank goodness. How exciting that you are starting Lupron tomorrow. Good luck with everything. All of my luck and positive thoughts are with you!

  4. Callie

    Love the idea of naming the tummy bruises. For some reason, I’ve got quite the collection going this go-around. My first time, not a bruise in sight and I was quite pleased with myself for what was obviously my natural calling as a self shooter-upper. This time, I look like I lost a fight with a particularly aggressive finger-poker.

    Hooray for starting the Lupron. We spend so much time thinking about, talking about, and planning for this process, that it can be a relief to actually get things started. Good luck with everything!

  5. awakeintheworld

    I’m so happy for you that it wasn’t that bad! Good luck with your Lupron.

  6. The Foll-E and other follie names made me smile. I can’t wait to make the acquaintance of bruise #1 myself once we finally get started. Good luck with your “needle day #1” Lupron shot.

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