Put your glad rags on…

Five reasons why I’m glad I went out tonight in costume (I was dressed up like a regular -you know- fertile person)

1. the new dress I bought today for the occasion of my best friends birthday made me feel like a million bucks – nothing like the dresses I bought 2 years ago thinking ‘should I even buy this? I mean, I could be pregnant any time and it may never fit me again’. This one may be a one hit wonder – but I bought it special. I wore it special. And you know what? I felt special.

2. I didn’t say no thank you – I can’t drink that, or evade or make excuses. I HAD MORE THAN ONE GLASS OF WINE! Hell, I only had one on my own birthday. I had water. I didn’t go nuts. I didn’t make an ass of myself. I’m not planning to do it again any time soon, I had a normal social party amount of booze and I’m pretty sure nothing bad will happen to me – except maybe a headache tomorrow.

3. I had a date with my husband that had nothing to do with ‘US’ and it was nice. It was fun. I like him. I’m glad he’s my person. Sometimes in the middle of schedules and timing and appointments and all, that gets a little lost in the shuffle.

4. I laughed out loud and liked the sound.

5.  My ‘on the pill’ boobs are awesome and it’s been awhile since they got all tarted up and taken out for a night on the town.

All in all – highly recommended

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One response to “Put your glad rags on…

  1. awakeintheworld

    Your night out sounds great. The husband and I are in desperate need of Getting Out Of The House. I, in particular, am in need of your #4.

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