People at work think I’m stuck up because I don’t go out for drinks.

Isn’t that nice of them? And since they’re dudes I don’t want to say “Hey dudes, I’d love to go and pound some brewskies but the lining of my uterus could be compromised by excessive drinking and given all the vaginal ultrasounds, suppositories, injections, not to mention sperm samples my husband has had to produce in shady men’s rooms I’d really rather not take the chance and bugger up this in-vitro. So, no thanks.

Instead I say, sorry, can’t. Really gotta work. Lot on my plate. Later.

So I’m a goodie too shoes who works too much, doesn’t want to get to know anyone outside of the office and who is kind of a buzz kill.

I can only imagine how talk of a trans-vag ultrasound would kill the buzz.

I’m not stuck up. I just think my uterus is at the center of the universe right now. So just f$#* off, alright.

Ok, so I may not be stuck up. But maybe I’m kind of a bit.c.h.


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3 responses to “People at work think I’m stuck up because I don’t go out for drinks.

  1. I found your blog through LFCA. I hate going to happy hours when I’m not drinking. Everyone always thinks you are pregnant already and I’m just trying…

  2. Hello! Welcome to the blogosphere, I’m here from LFCA. I’m wishing you the best for your upcoming IVF cycle, and it is pretty amazing that the check came at this time. It must mean good things 🙂

    About the work friends – could you go with them, order a beer and just nurse/not really drink it? For my work I have to entertain about three nights a week, and I just order as normal and no one really notices when I don’t actually drink it. Or, pop outside or into the bathroom and toss half of it.

    I’m starting my BCPs for my first IVF round (after 4+ years of trying), so I can relate to many of the issues and feelings you’ve written about.

    Good luck!!

  3. Token

    I get a soda water with a slice of lime and tell everyone it is a gin and tonic. (she says, getting stuck into the leftover wedding champagne)

    It’s funny, I am so open with pretty much everyone about our AC efforts, but I just have to draw the line at work colleagues.

    PS I love your blog. Your sense of humour is probably blacker than mine.

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