Keep Calm and Carry On

So there are a thousand things running through my head all the time. The injections start next week. Will I be able to do them? Will they hurt? Will I mess them up? Can I get all my work done without stressing out? Am I eating well enough? Am I sleeping enough? I’m I thinking positively enough? Am I over-thinking this? Will it work? Will it work? What if it doesn’t work…

It just doesn’t stop. I think this going to be the longest month so far on this journey.

The running, running, running in my head is wearing me out, and we haven’t even begun yet.

I need to calm the f#^* down. I need to breathe. I need to let myself believe in a future after TTC – whatever that is.

I need to put one foot in front of the other. Live each second, then minute, then hour, then day as though it’s just a small step to a big finish.

I need to keep from losing myself in all this mess.

I need to breathe. Have I said that yet? Breathe.

The thing about a journey is remembering that it’s as much about the getting there.

I need to have faith that we’ll get there.

I need to keep calm and carry on.

Injections start a week from today.

7 days.

My husband and I are about to start trying to have a baby. Well, trying something new anyway.

When you say it that way, it’s almost exciting!

And I am sure as hell ready for something exciting.


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