So there are ratings for explicit content, violence, graphic content, foul language but no one has figured out the rating system for unexpected pregnancy reference.

Take Bride Wars- I know, go ahead and mock me for having seen Bride Wars – now back to the curl-up-and-cry-under-the-covers-o-meter. I have to admit I was enjoying the mindless dribble until – (caution – Bride Wars spoiler alert…) guess what – after the wedding part is over the girls meet and guess what- pregnant! Both of them! Due the same day! Gosh – doesn’t that just make you want to CUACUTC (curl up and cry…). Bastards.

It happens to me all the time. Seems everyone on TV – in the movies – at parties I’m attending – in my office – in my damned Starbucks are pregnant. Come On! A little warning please…

So if I had the CUACUTC-o-meter I would know whether a TV show or movie was just going to make me well up a little, or cause me to cancel my plans so I can wallow and good. They show those little warnings before TV episodes. How hard would it be to add a little ‘may contain unexpected pregnancy’? A movie rating PREG 13. Accepting a party invite? Let me have a look at the RSPREG list so I’m prepared.

Juno – got it. Baby Mama? Ok – likely a little pregnancy there. But Bride Wars – I had no freaking idea. And a fun night out to take my mind off things just made things worse. Made me feel less normal. Made everyone feel bad about taking me to that movie. Made it all about me being the one who can’t have a baby. Again.

If there was a rating I could live a completely pregnancy free life while we’re going though this IVF. And that wouldn’t make me a freak at all.

Not at all.



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2 responses to “Curl-up-and-cry-under-the-covers-o-meter

  1. grandtrines

    Pregnant the same day = sequel

  2. Sil

    That totally happened to me. Didn’t really know the plot of March of the Penguins revolved around protecting egg penguins. Didn’t know baseball movie would have accidental pregnancy. Couldn’t even watch commercials on TV anymore.

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